Encrypting Streams in Go

At Blend, we deal with highly sensitive consumer financial data. We use several data stores — Postgres, MongoDB, CockroachDB, and Etcd — all of which need to be backed up. While MongoDB and Postgres give us prebuilt tools for encrypting backups, Etcd and CockroachDB do not. Our standard practice is to encrypt these backups before storing them. This became more challenging as our backups grew. Encrypting backups in memory At the beginning the backups were small, and we were able to use Vault’s transit features to encrypt them.

DCS: Giving the power of configuration to the user

If you’re not familiar with Blend, think of us as a modern experience for getting a loan. We offer a guided, personalized front end application that makes it easy for borrowers to connect their account data and more structured and secure for lenders to process it. We process loan applications for over 130 financial institutions including Wells Fargo and US Bank. To make the borrowing experience seamless, we integrate behind the scenes with our customers’ in-house tech stacks and dozens of third-party vendors.

Moving to Multitenancy

Here at Blend, we recently shifted to a multitenant paradigm for our core application. That is to say we moved from a paradigm where a single instance of our app served traffic from a single customer to one where a single instance can serve any number of them. Why didn’t we start that way? If you have a system where customers need to interact with each other, multitenancy is necessary from the start.

How we stopped wasting time building custom integrations

At Blend, we’re always working to increase transparency and equity in access to consumer lending and lending-adjacent markets. The current technical ecosystem of consumer lending is disjointed. Much like bridges bring communities together in the real world, much of what Blend does depends on our ability first to construct virtual bridges (integrations) between these existing, disjointed systems, and second, to create a unified experience for our users.